Friday, 29 April 2016

National Shrimp Scampi Day- April 29th 2016

Good Friday Morning Foodies; the weekend is here, yayyyyyy... Today is a Food holiday; it is National Shrimp Scampi Day which means today is your opportunity to eat and enjoy a great meal...or snack.

I love Seafood, I almost put Shrimps in everything lol; so I'll definately be enjoying today :-)

Five Food Finds about Shrimp Scampi

  • The word “scampi” means “shrimp”.  Therefore, “shrimp scampi” is “shrimp shrimp” (or “scampi scampi”).
  • The pistol shrimp can deliver an explosive attack hotter than the surface of the sun and loud enough to rupture a human ear drum.
  • Every shrimp is actually born male, and some develop into females.
  • Some shrimp are actually capable of glowing in the dark.
  • Shrimp can vary in size from 1/2 inch to 12 inches

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tanzanian Pilau Rice

Hey Foodies, so this is a Food Collaboration with my girl Noorslife from Canada.

She's also a Food and Lifestyle vlogger like myself; we both challenged each other to prepare a native dish from our tribe. So she made Nigerian Jollof Rice & I made Tanzanian Pilau Rice.

This dish is very similar to Nigerian Fried Rice, only opting out the mixed veg and adding a few asian spices.

You can also add some chicken pieces if you prefer but I opted that out and decided to serve mine with some assorted meat skewers.

Watch the Youtube video here, and please don't forget to show some love on her Youtube page and on mine of course :-)

Youtube Links for both Noor & I here:-


  • 1 cup parboiled easy cook Basmati rice 
  • 100ml Olive/vegetable oil
  • ½ cup finely chopped red onions 
  • ¼ cup green bell pepper
  • 1 tbsp Crushed garlic
  • 1 tbsp ground ginger
  • handful of Coriander
  • 2 to 3 cups Boiling plain chicken broth 
  • ¼ – ½ cup Coconut milk 
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • ½ tsp all purpose seasoning
  • ½ tsp dried thyme
  • 2 tbsp Pilau Masala 


Preheat your saucepan for about 5 minutes on medium to low heat. Fry the green & red peppers, onions & scotch bonnet and add the salt and seasonings. Now add the Rice and stir until the translucent color of rice starts to turn white. Now add the garlic, ground ginger, thyme and pilau masala. Continue to stir until the garlic is cooked. Stir for a few minutes.

Whilst this is frying, In a separate bowl, mix the coconut milk with ½ cup of hot chicken broth and add the coconut mixture to the rice. 
As I used a wok, I didn't cover but at this stage, Cover the pot and turn heat to medium to low heat. Cook until the liquid is absorbed. Taste to see if you need to add more salt.
If you opt to bake the Rice, at this stage, you can place it in the oven and bake it  at 180 degrees C until  dry or until cooked and finally add the coriander and leave until cooked.

As I prefer to cook mine on the stove, at this point, add the coriander and stir, leave to cook for few more minutes and it should be ready :-)

Another look of the Rice in my Wok...

Monday, 25 April 2016

My Lunch Today- Carbonara Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread

Happy Motivational Monday, here's what I had for lunch at work today, I just thought Ill share as it tasted too yummy for you guys not to salivate :-)

Its a Carbonara Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread., Yummy :-)

Sunday, 24 April 2016

London Marathon 2016

Today April 24th marks London's annual Marathon,  almost 40,000 runners are taking part in the 36th London Marathon.

The annual event includes elite competitors along with more than 39,000 other runners.
The millionth finisher in the history of the race, which was first held in 1981, will cross the line on The Mall.
The Marathon in pictures below :-)

Kenya's Mary Keitany (2nd L) and Ethiopia's Mare Dibaba (2nd R) in action during the women's race

Womens winner Jemima Sumgong fell, picked herself up and now she's the Women's elite 2016 champion. Well done girl..

Eliud Kipchoge breaks London Marathon course record!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Restaurant Review- Creames

Happy Fridayyyyyyyy :-)

Yes. another Restaurant review, this time it is for desserts.

Creams recently opened in Luton, only just over a week ago and as a Foodie, I cannot not pop in to give my verdict.

They are an American style diner that do Pancakes, Crepes, Coffees, Sundaes, Milkshakes, Ice-creams and pretty much all desserts.

So here's my verdict below:-

Ambiance- Its brand new, so everything looked sparkling and shiny which is good for me.
It also didn't take long to find us a table that suits us when we arrived as I had a buggy and it was 3 of us including my hubby & my baby.
Location- Located in the centre of Luton Town centre, so easily accessible  and very eye catchy for passer bys.
Hospitality- Absolutely amazing, majority of the staffs were Students from the local University which makes alot of sense. Very diverse atmosphere as well.
Food- I am not much of a dessert person but I rate their food 99.8%, I absolutely enjoyed it, the food came about 5 minutes after ordering, very nice and great temperature of food.
Price- Very reasonably priced, the only thing that came across a bit too pricey is their Milkshakes as its actually more expensive than the food; but trust me the shake is absolutely perfect.

Hubby ordered the Strawberry n Butterscotch below and cost £5.50 which is not bad at all

I went for the Chocolate & Fresh Strawberry Indulgence, cost was £4.95- which is the crepe. The taste is to die for, I enjoyed it and so did my lil girl.

This Milkshake was to die for lol; it tasted absolutely perfect; to be honest I don't think I've ever tasted none like it. It blends very well, not too thick, not too runny but a bit on the pricey side. We paid over £5 for this glass, which costs more than the actually food itself.

As you can see we finished it all to the last bite.

They also provided a high chair for my lil girl which was really handy :-)

In total we spent less than £17 which is not bad at all.

I'll have to review this restaurant again in another year to see if they keep up with their appearance and awesomeness :-)

Thanks for having us Creams, we shall be abck again real soon :-)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Queen at 90

I must say she still looks very good and Agile for a 90 year old great grandmother. It is only right for me to wish her a Happy Happy Birthday, being a UK citizen myself.

Elizabeth was born on 21 April 1926 in London, the first child of Albert, Duke of York, and his wife, formerly Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Today 21st April our very own Queen Elizabeth turns 90, but it will be royal business as usual for the monarch this week as she does a walkabout, opens a bandstand and a walkway. She'll also celebrate the milestone at a private family dinner hosted by Prince Charles, her eldest son and heir to the throne.

There will be cake today for Queen Elizabeth at 90, and a chance for her to meet others marking the same birthday. She'll do a walkabout, as she has done so many times before, and unveil a walkway near her home at Windsor Castle just outside London.

The events on tap for the Queen this week may be low-key — by royal standards. They will also be royal business as usual: today's appearances for Britain's longest-reigning monarch include going to the local postal sorting office in Windsor and opening a bandstand. On Friday, she'll host a high-profile guest — U.S. President Barack Obama — for a private lunch.

To see Queen Elizabeth in pictures, check the BBC website here for Queen Elizabeth II at 90 in 90 images.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

National Garlic Day- April 19 2016

Today April 19 is National Garlic Day. It’s time to pay homage to those pungent cloves so go ahead and crush one into your favourite savoury dish. 

History of Garlic

Native to central Asia, garlic has a lengthy history dating back 6,000 years. Long a staple of Mediterranean diets, garlic was a commonly used seasoning in the cuisines of Africa, Asia and Europe. China is currently the world’s biggest producer of garlic followed by India, South Korea, Egypt and Russia.

Regarded as a force of both good and evil, the Egyptians are said to have fed the herb to workers building the Great Pyramid of Giza because they believed it boosted their stamina. In the Middle Ages, plague-phobic Europeans ate whole cloves of garlic to fight off the scourge known as the Black Death.  

It is also known as nature’s wonder drug, garlic is recognized for its wide-reaching medicinal properties, in the treatment and prevention of disease. It has been credited with extending human longevity, preventing certain cancers, lowering cholesterol levels, reversing high blood pressure, resisting the common cold and overcoming fatigue.

The herb, which can also be deemed a vegetable too, is rich in protein, vitamins A, B-1 and C and contains essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. It also contains 17 different amino acids.

Dubbed the ‘stinking rose’ because of its overpowering taste and smell, garlic is known for causing bad breath, which apparently can be neutralized by sipping milk or eating parsley.

Ironically, despite its illustrious reputation, the herb that causes garlic breath has also long been admired for its powers as an aphrodisiac. Legend has it that Tibetan monks were forbidden from entering monasteries if they had eaten garlic because of its reputation for arousing sexual desire.

Thanks to Hollywood and popular literature, we’re well aware of the myth that garlic deters vampires, but it’s also thought to protect against the evil eye and to ward off jealous nymphs said to terrorize pregnant women and engaged maidens.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Restaurant Review- Leicester Arms (Sizzling Pubs)

Its been a minute since I did restaurant reviews.

I went out for lunch with my colleagues as its Friday after a really busy few days. Trust me I was so looking forward to a nice work lunch that I didn't have breakfast at all so my stomach can accommodate the big meal.

Lets get straight to it.

Ambiance- The Ambiance looked ok, bear in mind I got there around 12.30pm (so lunch time), it was pretty quiet with just a few people around. The chairs and tables looked well laid out.

Ok lets talk about the important stuff- THE FOOD..

Oh God where do I start from?

Presentation- zero 0%
Food- 45% and that's me being nice.
Hospitality- 85%, I gave this a high score as the waitresses were nice and they even agreed that the food there is crap.

My verdict below:-

I ordered Grilled chicken breast with a half rack of pork ribs served on a bed of sizzling onions with grilled beef tomato and house seasoned fries. They made this sound so amazing that I couldn't but order it.

Please see what I got in the picture below :-(

  • Tomato- Now I'm not sure what I was served, but tomatoes are meant to be orange and not green. And as you can see in my picture below, the tomato is nothing to write home about. I basically got an unripe green tomato placed on a grill for 2 seconds and served on my plate (pathetic).
  • Rack of ribs- anorexic looking ribs with absolutely no meat on, just bones
  • Chips- blah, at least that seems to be the only thing I enjoyed 
  • Onions- overcooked & soggy with a bland taste
  • Char grilled chicken breast- well over cooked & too chewy.

My colleague ordered the Macaroni cheese with chargrilled garlic bread. Now  as you can see from the picture below, she got a side salad as an option as they had ran out of garlic bread. ( on a Friday Lunch time).

I paid £8.94 below including a glass of coke and my colleague paid around the same price including a pint of Stella.

Didn't really enjoy my time there, so sorry Leicester arms but you'll have to impress me before I can rate you high lol.

Have a great start to the week guys :-)

Friday, 15 April 2016

'Don't Eat Our Pasta Sauces Every Day'- Dolmio Sauces Not Too Good for YOU...

The makers of Dolmio are warning consumers that some of their sauces have so much salt, fat and sugar they should only be eaten once a week.

Mars Food is introducing new labels to distinguish between "everyday" and "occasional" products.

All Dolmio lasagne meal kits, lasagne sauces, oven bake kits and pesto will fall into the latter category.

It is part of a five-year global health initiative announced by the company.

Mars Food said: "To maintain the authentic nature of the recipe, some Mars Food products are higher in salt, added sugar or fat.

"As these products are not intended to be eaten daily, Mars Food will provide guidance to consumers on-pack and on its website regarding how often these meal offerings should be consumed within a balanced diet.

"The Mars Food website will be updated within the next few months with a list of 'occasional' products - those to be enjoyed once per week - and a list of 'everyday' products."

The ingredients in a 320g jar of Dolmio Bolognese sauce include tomatoes (78%), tomato paste (11%), onions, lemon juice, cornflour, salt, basil (0.3%), sugar, garlic, parsley, herb and spices.

According to the company's website, a 160g serving contains 53 calories, 0.2g fat, no saturates, 6.7g of sugars (7% of the recommended daily intake for an adult) and 1.28g of salt (21% of the RDI).

Mars Food plans to revamp many of its products, including Dolmio pasta sauces, by reducing salt, added sugar and fat.

The company has pledged to cut salt internationally by an average of 20% by 2021.

In the UK, some Uncle Ben's products will be reformulated to reduce the sugar.


National Banana Day- April 15th 2016

Good Morning Foodies, hope you're all looking forward to the weekend? Today April 15th is National Banana Day.

What is the most popular fruit in the United States? It’s eaten in more quantities than oranges and apples put together. It’s a fruit so beloved it’s sent here from thousands of miles away.
Give up? It’s the BANANA...
“The banana is by far the most popular fruit worldwide.We consume about 25 pounds of bananas per person per year,” it is also the cheapest fruit in the supermarket even though it’s very perishable and imported great distances.” Also, the banana has been around for a very long time. “People have been growing bananas for about 10,000 years, which puts us right back in the dawn of organized agriculture. It’s the oldest cultivated fruit.”

As we celebrate National Banana day, make sure you pick up a banana or 2 and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Chickpea Curry

Healthy, Cheap and very Filling. I must say I'm not much of a peas/beans fan but this tasted shamazing so I've decided to share my recipe below, Enjoy :-)

This is a nice Indian delicacy, quite similar to Nigerian beans ..

-2 tbsp rapeseed oil
-2 red or white onions
-2 garlic cloves
-½ tsp Salt
-1 tsp cumin powder
-½ tsp coriander powder
-½ tsp turmeric powder
-½ tsp red chilli powder
-2 fresh tomatoes
-2 x 400g /14oz can chick peas
-6cm piece of root ginger
-pinch of garma masala

Prep time- 20minutes


Chop the onions and tomatoes, then crush garlic and set aside.

Heat the oil in a large saucepan and add onions and garlic and fry until the onions caramelise. Now add the salt, cumin, coriander, turmeric and red chilli powders. Cook for a minute before adding the tomato and continue to cook until the sauce begins to thicken.

Now add 4 fl oz of water and stir. Add the chick peas that have been drained and rinsed and mix thoroughly. Mash a few of the chickpeas while cooking.

Cover and cook for 5/10 minutes then add grated fresh ginger and the garam masala and cook for a further minute.

Your Chickpea Curry should look like this below.

I served mine with some warm Pitta bread and hubby had his with some Naija bread :-)

Thursday, 7 April 2016

National Beer Day- April 7th 2016

Today 7th April 2016 is marked as National Beer Day; it is an unofficial holiday in the United States celebrated every year on April 7, and marking the day in 1933, the first day in 13 years,[4] that people could legally buy, sell, and drink beer.

National Beer Day is a celebration of the Cullen–Harrison Act being signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 22, 1933. Upon signing the legislation, Roosevelt made his famous remark, "I think this would be a good time for a beer." The law went into effect on April 7 of that year, allowing people to buy, sell and drink beer containing up to 3.2% alcohol by weight (or 4.05% by volume) in states that had enacted their own law allowing such sales. People across the country responded by gathering outside breweries, some beginning the night before. On that first day, 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed, inspiring the future holiday. Today, April 7 is recognized as National Beer Day and April 6 is known as New Beer's Eve(

Today is a day you can drink beer and over-indulge yourself :-)

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fast Foods You Should Never Order

GOOD MONDAY MORNING Foodies, Hope you all had a nice weekend & gearing yourself to the start of a new week?

Now according to staffs at fast food restaurants, there are some food that you should never even bother to order  and the facts behind them.

Fast food workers have also revealed the meals you should never order from the restaurants they work in, as well as their tips and tricks for ensuring your dinner arrives fresh

Check them out below:-

Petrol Station Slurpees/ Milkshake- I remember when I was pregnant; I was told by the Midwives not to have any Milkshake or Slupees from Fast Food joints as they only clean the machine once a month (atrocious), The inside of the machine is filled with frozen sugar, so imagine how hard to clean this will be.

Egg McMuffin/ Bagel-Don't order anything containing eggs from a fast food joint. For starters, they are not actually eggs, they are powdered and reconstituted. 

One worker from Subway said that the "oven roasted chicken" they sold in their sub rolls was actually "boiled in the microwave".

While another advised people not to order the footlong flatbread meatball sub. However they didn't give a reason why.

A former Starbucks employee claimed that the coffee chain's food is basically just "reheated frozen food", before adding: "It's just not fresh at all and incredibly overpriced."

A former McDonald's worker in Canada said that the grilled chicken and filet o fish meals could be sat on the side for a long time.

Another guy added that people should refrain from ordering "small pizzas" from restaurants. 
"They're such a pain to make right. If the dough is warm, they tear. If the dough is cold, you can't do sh*t. On top of that, it's a huge waste of your money,
SO I guess we have to be really careful when planning on eating out lol. 

Hope the above information helps one or two people out there?

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Potato Au Gratin- Recipe

Happy Saturday Foodies, I hope you've had a good week so far? On the blog today I'll be sharing my recipe for Potato Au Gratin with you my lovely readers. This dish again is one of my favourites to make as it only requires 3 ingredients & tastes amazing.

This would be good to make for the kids on a weekend or make as part of a dinner party, to have varieties for your guests.


1 kg of Desiree waxy potatoes
1 tsp of salt
4 cloves of garlic
Black Pepper to taste
600ml double cream
Prep time:- 10minutes


Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices (about 5mm thick), rinse a little and place them into
a mixing bowl. Now mix the potatoes together with the salt, black pepper, half of the cream and garlic.

Now arrange the potato slices, slightly overlapping each other, in layers in an ovenproof dish. Pour over remaining half of the cream mixture and then place in oven and cook for 1 hour or until nice and golden brown like my picture below :-)

Enjoy :-)