Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Breakfast Wrap

Hey Foodies,

So I've been making alot of these lately as my lil girl seems to love it; its quite similar to the Mcdonald's breakfast except that I added my own lil touch to it :-)

This is a very easy breakfast idea for days where you've ran out of what to eat..


Tortilla Wrap- I used plain white
1 Egg
Some mixed red, yellow, green peppers
Some Onions- Red or White
A tiny piece of scotch bonnet- optional
A sprinkle of Black Pepper
Oven baked Fish fingers
Half a teaspoon of Ketchup
Half a teaspoon of salad cream
Pinch of Salt
Half a teaspoon of Olive/Vegetable or Sunflower Oil


Break the eggs in a frying pan as you would to make a sunny side up egg; sprinkle the peppers, onions, add the salt and fry both sides until well done or until prefered. Leave in a separate plate to cool down for a minute.

Now place the tortilla wrap on a flat plate, squeeze ketchup & salad cream and distribute evenly, slice in the egg and place the fish fingers on top.

Fold the wrap as per the below or as prefered.. Enjoy with a cup of tea or any drink of your choice :-)

Monday, 16 May 2016

National Barbecue Day- May 16th 2016

Happy Monday and Happy National Barbeque Day :-)

Five Food Finds about Barbecue

  1. Grilling is no longer considered a male dominated activity. While 51 percent of males cha-cha with the charcoal, 49 percent of women flamenco with the flames.
  2. 263,000 moist towelettes will wipe up BBQ sauce covering fingers and faces.
  3. The most common ingredient added to barbecue sauce is garlic, followed by brown sugar.
  4. The original barbecue sauce, dating back hundreds of years, consisted of vinegar and pepper.
  5. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States, hosted the first barbecue at the White House that featured Texas-style barbecued ribs.
It's a little sunny today so wherever you are, get bar-b-queing :-)

What a busy weekend it was for me, I decided to throw an impromptu BBQ...Here are few photos from my friends and my barbeque over the weekend :-)

Hubby on deck :-)

Friday, 13 May 2016

National Apple Pie Day- May 13th 2016

image source-examiner.com

Happy Friday Foodies, its the end of the week and I'm sure most people cannot wait to put their feet up and just relax as the weekend is finally here :-)

Whilst you're relaxing and your feet is up, make sure to grab some snack of Apple Pie as today Friday THE 13th is National Apple Pie Day.

The first apple pie recipe printed was in England in 1381.  The list of ingredients included good apples, good spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron and cofyn (a type of pastry crust).

Now don't worry this is not a hoax, it is really true lol.. Don't let Friday THE 13th scare you :-

Enjoy the rest of your day..

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Hi Foodies,

Check out my video here when I went Food shopping in London lol :-)

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

National Eat What You Want Day- May 11 2016

This is probably one of my favourite blog posts to write as its a day to celebrate and eat what you want lol. As a Food blogger and a Foodies who loves my food, today is a happy day for me.

The History of Eat What You Want Day
Eat What You Want Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of wellcat.com to help people break away from the frustrating health and diet trends of our times, if for only one day, and just let go and enjoy life a little. Most nutritionists seem to agree that giving yourself a break every now and again can actually be good for us, and that forcing ourselves to eat only low-calorie, tasteless foods for prolonged periods of time is likely to cause us to suddenly gorge on everything in sight when our determination wears off.

How to Celebrate Eat What You Want Day
It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine how to celebrate this holiday, really. You can eat whatever you want, isn’t that enough cause for celebration? Everyone is different, so for some people, this will mean pigging out on junk food. They will stop counting calories and go berserk, eating everything from ice cream to chocolate to cake and pie, and then some cookies with ice cream washed down with hot chocolate, and then some ice cream cake. You get the picture.
However, nowhere in the holiday’s description does it say that you have to take this route to gastronomic satisfaction. Aficionados of gourmet cuisine can choose to celebrate by splurging on a meal at a five star restaurant. Do you love lobster, but rarely order it because of its price tag? Understandable, but today is the day to take a break. So call the poshest place in your city and spend an evening feasting on your favorite delicacies and perhaps washing them down with a nice bottle of wine. Or, alternatively, you can try to recreate a favourite childhood meal in your home. Did your Mom use to make the best macaroni and cheese? Call her up and get the recipe! Nothing beats a good comfort food to make us feel full, happy and sleepy all at the same time, so forget about fat and carbs just this once and enjoy a bowl (or pot) of that filling, creamy goodness. Or maybe you’re a strict vegetarian who can’t help but miss steak or shrimp every now and then—if so, maybe you should treat yourself to something you wouldn’t usually eat just to reward your body for the tasty things it has to go without on a daily basis? The key is to eat something that you truly enjoy, so whatever food that is for you, get celebrating!

Unfortunately as I am on a diet, it doesn't stop me from eating what I want because the internet says so lol..

So wherever you are, even though you are on a diet, make sure you eat what you want today and get back to your #teamfit tomorrow :-)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

National Liver and Onion Day- May 10th 2016

                                              image source-frimminjimbits.blogspot.com

Today May 10th is National Liver and Onion Day.. Liver and onions is a favorite in the UK and in Germany, where it is usually eaten along with boiled or mashed potatoes. Lamb’s liver is the usual choice in the UK and is often accompanied by fried bacon. In the French traditional recipe the liver is fried with butter and lard. 
In Catalan cuisine olive oil is used, instead of butter, and fried garlic is added to the mixture.

Whereas in the USA, liver and onions as a dish once enjoyed widespread popularity and could usually be found at family diners and American home-style restaurants. This meal is currently more common to the cuisines of the southern and upper mid-western style foods.- source-wiki.com

A brief history about National Liver & Onion Day-

On this day 1566 Leonhard Fuchs died. He was a German botanist who compiled the first modern, organized listing of plants and botanical terms, ‘Historia Stirpium’ in 1542. The plant and the color fuchsia were named for him. 1818 Paul Revere died. A silversmith and American Revolutionary folk hero, he also made surgical instruments and false teeth.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

When to Introduce Baby Food- The Mummy Life

image source-pinterest

So today I'll be sharing my experience on weaning my baby into solid foods. As first time mums, we're always trying to feed our babies the best food whatsoever possible. And I've found weaning my baby into solid foods a very hard chore.

According to the Food Standard Agency, babies should ideally start eating solids by 6 months even though some babies start as early as 16 weeks (4 months).

When to wean a baby into solid food is entirely up to the mum, and whatever works for A might not work for B.

My daughter was exclusively on breast-milk for about 5 to 6 months even though I tried to introduce some baby rice/cereal at 4 months. She just wasn't having it; she'll rather breast-milk than anything else.

If you are a first time mum, mum to be or mum of a baby under 6 months and are torn as to when is best to feed your baby solids, please go with your instincts. With babies its always trial & error, if you do not try, you'll never know. It is a bit expensive but trust me if you want the best for your children, then its best to always give it a shot.

My baby is now 11 months old and still breastfed even though she eats solids really well.

The challenges I faced when I was weaning her into solids were-

She hated cereal and anything you had to mix with milk, so it was difficult for me to make her baby rice, cerelac etc.
  • I didn't invest in a baby blender- If I had known, I would have invested in a baby blender so I can make her solids fresh for example her fruits & veggies. I ended up always buying the ones in a jar which she hated
  • I  wasted so much money- This is more of a lesson as opposed to a challenge. I bought alot of baby porridge in different flavours. One thing with babies is to always try and buy one at a time rather than in bulk. I ended up throwing them all away after opening each one to try :-( So make sure you buy one flavour and try if he/she likes it; if they do then you can go and stock up.
Asides the above, weaning in general is a very difficult chore at the same time very therapeutic for me.

I'm also going to be writing a post on Breastfeeding and its challenges and success stories etc. It is a very touchy subject particularly to mums who didn't have the opportunity to Breastfeed their little ones.
Stay tuned to that post and thanks for reading :-)

Monday, 2 May 2016

Vegetable Stir Fry

Happy New  Month Foodies and also Happy May Bank Holiday :-)

Today I'll be showing you how I make my waist friendly Veggie Stir Fry :-)


  • 1 red onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 200g mushrooms
  • 2 heads pak choi or spring greens
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 100g cashew nuts
  • 2tbsp rapeseed oil
  • Soy sauce to drizzle
  • Pinch of black pepper
Pre time:- 10 minutes
Serves 3


Prepare the vegetable by slicing the onion, pepper and mushrooms. Cut the pak choi
into quarters & also crush the garlic clove.

Now heat the rapeseed oil in a pan, I used a wok. Add the onions and cook for two minutes, add the red pepper and mushrooms and cook for three minutes by stirring frequently.

Add the pak choi and garlic, and black pepper mix well and cook for a further three
Finally add the cashew nuts, mix and serve with soy sauce.

This tastes superb and only contains 60 calories.

Enjoy with some brown rice, brown bread or anything of your choice.