Monday, 10 February 2014

Homemade Yamarita with mixed pepper & king prawn sauce(Nigerian Ata din din)

I must say Yamarita sounds a bit posh lol; oh well I was at a friends house sometime ago and heard a few people talk about this so called Yamarita... I thought to myself hmm that sounds very posh, obviously I knew it was a Yam dish (Yamarita) and I'm sure you're wondering what the hell is Yamarita? Well it is a posh version of Fried Yam lol; don't know why the word "posh" is now my all time favorite lol (oh maybe I'm trying so hard to talk posh lol)

Anyway, back to the matter..... Yamarita is popularly eaten in Nigerian restaurants and its just basically Yam rolled in flour & eggs and fried (yes very fattening I know), but trust me it tastes beautifulllll and what make it even taste better is the sauce. Jeez if you know me very well, you'll know I'm a sucker for seafood especially King prawns, I put King prawns in virtually everything, yes that's how crazy and obsessive I am with it....Btw I'm not a Yam lover but trust me this Yamarita tastes fantastic. Pictures below, sorry guys I didn't take loads of pictures, apologies next time :-)


For the Yamarita
Puna Yam cut into slices. About 20 small rectangular sizes can feed 3
1 Egg- will be whisked
3 tablespoons of Flour- any type (self raising or plain)
Sugar to taste (as i'm a sweet tooth lol)
Salt to taste
Maggi cubes
Half a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
Olive oil/ sunflower oil (your preference)

The Mixed Pepper & King Prawn Sauce

1 whole Red, green, yellow bell Pepper (you can also make your life easier by getting the prepacked frozen peppers from any supermarket; saves you from chopping up peppers)- Life made easy lol
Scotch bonnet/habanero chilli pepper(for a taste of hotness)
1 clove of garlic
2 fresh tomatoes
red onion
Curry powder
half a teaspoon of thyme- I use fresh carribean thyme, it has a very lovely flavour to it

Step by step Instructions

Prepare your flour mix, by adding the flour in a flat plate, place the egg in a separate bowl and add some curry powder, sprnkle cayenne pepper & salt to taste in it .

Cut the Yam into small rectangular shapes, (Yam can be found in any afro-carribean shops or even any food chain supermarket). I prefer to use Puna Yam as it tastes better than normal yam. Add some salt and sugar to taste. Now some people usually don't put sugar in their Yam but like I said I've got sweet tooth so its up to you really.
Bring to boil with water for about 5-7mins, I'll say low heat and no more than 7mins as you don't want the Yam falling into pieces, you still want them to be in good hard form lol.

Place the perboiled yam in a plate and leave to cool for 5 minutes; place your saucepan on fire adding enough olive oil (about 500ml depending on the depth of your saucepan). Prepare the Arita for your Yam (lol) by dipping a piece of the Yam into the flour (you are basically rolling the yam into the flour), dip the flour coated yam into the egg mix (again rolling into the egg mix) and drop in your saucepan to fry. Repeat this process for all the Yam until you get a golden brown colour. Place a Kitchen towel in a flat plate to absorb the oil residue from the Yamarita and voila you are all done and ready to serve.

Mixed Pepper & King prawn sauce (Nigerian Ata din din)

Chop the red onions, mixed pepper, tomatoes, chilli and garlic. Heat the olive oil in a pan for 7minutes on low heat, make sure the heat is low otherwise once you add your chopped stuff, it splashes everywhere and kitchen accident is the last thing you need (ask me, I've experienced it so many times :-(

Add the thyme & curry powder in the hot oil, stir very well until dissolve. Now add the chopped onion, garlic, mixed pepper, tomatoes, chilli into the oil, mixed together and add some salt to taste, maggi cubes and leave to fry for 2minutes. After 2 minutes, add your king prawns. You can also use chicken or beef instead, depends on what you feel like so prawn is optional. Fry until sauce turns dark and thick. Voila your sauce is ready.

Thank me later :-)

Note:- King prawn is optional as I know there are some people allergic to fish so this is totally up to you.

Watch my Youtube video on Yamarita here:-

Any questions, please feel free to ask. o' toodles :-)  


  1. hello sai i must say yamarita does not sound posh but please can i request something for you to make next time

  2. Hi Toni Becks thanks for your comment; what is your request?